Philippine Personnel Procedures

Miorec is in co-operation with Gerdin International Manpower Inc. that is experienced in all applications in Philippines for 7 years.

Miorec Human Resources Inc.

Miorec Human Resources is a foreign employment agency with Licence number 0003-CA-27092021 of Philippines Labor Attaché – Lebanon (POLO) and Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA).

Miorec is in co-operation with Gerdin International Manpower Inc. that is experienced in all applications in Philippines for 7 years. 


When you want to employ a Filipino worker at your home, certain procedures should be completed before she comes to Turkey and work legally.

The procedures can be grouped under 5 main process:

The above mentioned procedures are mandatory for those filipino workers who will come to Turkey for the first time and also for those Flipino workers who are going to work for a new employer.

Work Visa Applicaton: 1-2 Weeks

The First step is the “work visa” application filling to the Turkish Consulate in Manila.

With the folder prepared by Miorec, the foreign personnel files “work visa” application with the assistance of Gerdin Manpower.

Work Permit Application : 3-4 weeks

After the “work visa” application is completed, the foreign worker is granted with a reference number which is going to be used for us to file “work permit” application to the Ministry of Labour. Miorec, afterwards, completes the work permit application through the Ministry’s online system on behalf of the employer.

Certification Process: 3-4 weeks

With the assistance of Gerdin Manpower, the Exit Permit process of Filipino personnel is started simultaneously with the work permit application.

During this period, below procedures are completed:

  1. Medical Examination — 1-2 days
  2. PDO’s Trainings — 1 day
  3. TESDA Trainings — 15 days, Manila
  4. OWWA Seminars — 1 day

Verification Process: 3 weeks

When the Filipino personnel’s work permit procedures are completed, she is asked to complete some legal procedures to exit from the country.

This process is called “Exit Permit Process”.

To obtain the Exit Permit, firstly below mentioned documents should be certified by the Philippines Labor Attaché – Lebanon (POLO) through an accredited private employment agency in Turkey.

The employers cannot manage this process themselves without involving Recruitment Agencies in Turkey and Philippines. It is compulsory to work with an Agency in Turkey and Philppines for this process.

Necessary Documents:

  • Standart Employment contract – 2 years
  • Undertaking of the Employer
  • Contingency Plan
  • Information Form
  • Employer’s Passport
  • Employer’s Criminal Record
  • Employer’s Income Sheet
  • Filipino Staff’s Passport
  • Filipino Staff’s Work Permit Card or Work visa
  • Gerdin Manpower Documents
  • Miorec Documents

Application Steps as follows:

  1. First, the standard employment contract is translated into Turkish.
  2. Then, translated document is notarized.
  3. Notarized document is apostilled.
  4. All application documents are sent to POLO Lebanon.
  5. When POLO Lebanon approves the application, They sent all documents to Gerdin Manpower in Philppines.
  6. The process for authentication is completed.

With this transaction, a 2-year employment contract is made between the Filipino personnel and their Employer, and the approved documents are valid for 2 years. If the staff continues to work for the same employer after 2 years, a similar document approval process is required. This process is also called “Balik Mangagawa.”

To apply for Exit Permit — 3 weeks

The original documents certified by POLO Lebanon are sent to Gerdin Manpower by using an international courier.

  1. Application to POEA for exit permit — 10 working days
  2. To obtain the Exit Permit and planning the flight for Turkey.
  3. PCR test is organized in 48 hours before the flight.
  4. The Filpino worker can enter Turkey with the negative PCR test result.

When the Filipino personnel who has completed all procedures, entered Turkey, the employer should make the registration process at the related Social Security Institution immediately.

Additionally, the address registration process should also be completed in 20 days after her entrance to Turkey.

This entire process can last up to 12 weeks. Please schedule accordingly.

Balik Mangagawa Process:

Filipino workers who have been working under the same employer for more than 1 year should follow the “Balik Mangagawa” process for verification and exit permit process.

Related Institutions:

Turkish Consulate – Manila, Philippines
Ministry of Labour and Social Security — Ankara, Turkey
Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) – Lebanon
Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) – Manila, Philippines
Miorec Licence Number: POLO – LEBANON – 0003-CA-27092021


Gerdin International Manpower under the representation of Aida Gerodias is an agency with an experience over 20 years in recruiting Filipino personnel. 

Gerdin is the most experienced and professional agency especially in Turkey operations in Philippines.

Private Employment Agency
Phone: +63 8256-0521/ 8256-0523
Officials: Ms. AIDA C. GERODIAS
License Validity : 12/12/2019 to 12/11/2023

Procedures of Filipinos Illegal in Turkey

No action can be taken for a Filipino worker who is overstayed in Turkey. For them to become again legal in Turkey, they need to go back to Phlippines and start the above mentioned processes. Overstayed workers cannot go to another country to start the procedures. While departing from Turkey, they need to apply to the “Visa Violation Department” at the related airport to pay for the fine for the period they overstay. Otherwise, they will be banned from entering back to Turkey.

It refers to the approval process and exit permit process for Filipino personnel who want to go to their country for annual leave.

For Philippine employees who have been working for the same employer for more than 1 year, the document approval and Exit Permit process is followed under the name “Balik Mangagawa”. In this process, the approval process is carried out for similar documents. However, there is no obligation to work with any agency in the Philippines.

The document approval process is carried out via POLO (Working Attaché) in Lebanon in the same way. Documents approved by POLO are sent to Turkey or an address requested by the employer in the Philippines.

In this process, Miorec will support the employer and Filipino staff at every stage.