Foreign Personnel Procedures in Home Services

We provide the follow-up and management of the legal processes for the employment conditions of foreign personnel in your residences.

Foreign Personnel Procedures in Home Services

As Miorec, we offer corporate solutions to our citizens who want to employ foreign personnel in their houses. With our experienced expert staff, we carefully monitor the conditions of employing foreign personnel in home services and legal responsibilities for you and manage the whole process.

Conditions of employment of foreign national personnel in domestic services;

Due to the recent increase in work permit applications made to the Ministry to employ foreign personnel in domestic services, the following limitations have been imposed in terms of preventing the abuse of the subject and the safety of permitted foreigners.

  • Work permits will not be issued to foreign personnel in residential buildings, except for those caring for the elderly and sick and those with young children.
  • It is compulsory to prove that the foreigner has a disease requiring care with a medical report.
  • Male foreigners will not be granted work permits in residential buildings except in cases requiring serious care.

Fee: For foreigners to be employed in domestic services, the wage to be paid to the foreigner is at least the gross minimum wage (5.004,00 TL), taking into account the minimum wage amount in force as of the date of application.

Application Form:

The Work Permit application can be made by the employer in two ways under the conditions set out below:

Applications for Domestic Permit to Work

In the event that the foreigner has a residence permit of 6 months or more (except for student residence linked to undergraduate education), the foreign personnel work permit application can be made directly to the Ministry of Labor. For foreigners whose work permits are approved, firstly, an address registration must be made through the Directorates of Migration Management. Foreign personnel whose address registration is completed can start working legally after the insurance entry is initiated.

Applications for Work Permit from Abroad – Work Visa

Applications of foreigners who do not have a residence permit valid for at least 6 months are made through the Turkish Consulates in their home countries. Once the work permit is approved, the foreigner can enter Turkey with the work visa in his/her passport. After insurance entry and address registration, he/she can start working legally.

What to do after Work Permit Approval

After the work permit is approved (in the case of overseas applications, after entry to Turkey with a work visa), it is a legal obligation to immediately register an insurance and address registration process.

Make sure that the foreigner’s insurance premiums are paid regularly and without interruption.

If it is determined that the foreigner’s social security premiums are underpaid or not paid in the applications made to extend the work permit, the extension will not be made. In this case, criminal proceedings may be applied by SSI to employ uninsured workers.

You will be informed in detail by Miorec after the approval of the Work Permit about the procedures required for insurance entry and address registration.

Fugitive Foreigners

Foreigners who are illegal in Turkey must pay administrative fines and exit in order to apply for a work permit. For this process, it is sufficient to apply to the Visa Violation Department at the airport on the day of departure with the boarding pass and passport. Administrative fines vary according to the country of the foreigner and the duration of the illegal status.