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Language Training and Work Placement Program, Germany

We offer a “Language Training and Work Placement” program to experienced nurses who want to pursue a career abroad, and to 3rd and 4th year nursing students who are graduating.

About Germany

With over 83 million inhabitants, Germany has the largest population in the European Union.

The capital, Berlin, is the city with the highest population, while other major cities are Hamburg, Munich and Cologne.

It has the largest economy in Europe and offers unlimited job opportunities in healthcare, engineering and technical staff with its low unemployment rates and ever-growing economy.

It is a country that is primarily preferred for business opportunities all over the world with its quality of life, natural beauties, close distance to all parts of Europe and travel opportunities.

Candidate Profile

Planning a career in Germany;

Experienced and inexperienced nurses graduated from nursing undergraduate programs

Nursing undergraduate 3rd and 4th year students

About the Program

Many job opportunities are offered all over Germany, with consulting firms based in Germany that recruit personnel from all over the world to the health sector of Germany.

Especially the institutions providing services in the field of patient and elderly care nursing and the qualified health personnel they need are brought together in a reliable, fast and uncomplicated manner.

Expert teams in the field provide service to candidates during the registration of education degrees, completion of language training, preparation processes, legal certification processes and relocation process by finding a job in Germany.


  • Detailed information about the Language Education and Placement Program

Miorec consultants make detailed informative presentations about the program

  • Approving the training contract

Candidates who want to participate in the program participate in the program by approving the training contract, the details of which they have learned.

  • Language education

Language training begins in accordance with the language level of the candidates. For candidates who do not speak the language at all, language training up to B2 level is provided with accelerated language courses that will last 8-10 months.

  • Preparation for the country exam

After the language training, a 2-month preparation program is given for the country nursing exam.

  • Job interviews

Upon reaching B1 level of language education, employer interviews begin, and should it go well, it is clarified where to start at the end of the program.

  • Visa procedures

Visa procedures are completed

  • Getting started

Working life starts with an indefinite-term employment contract in the relevant institutions.