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Household Services

As Miorec, we provide corporate solutions to our citizens who want to employ foreign personnel in their residences. Thanks to our experienced expert staff, we studiously follow up the conditions for employing foreign personnel in the household services as well as the legal liabilities, and manage the process.

Conditions to employ foreign personnel in household services:

Owing to the recent increasing number of applications made to the Ministry for work permits employ foreign personnel in household services, the following limitations have been introduced to prevent the abuse of this issue and ensure the security of foreigners to whom permit is granted.

Except for those need elderly care, patient care or child care, it will not be allowed to employ foreigners in residences.

It is obligatory to prove with a medical certificate that there are illnesses requiring care.

Except for situations entailing serious care, no work permit will be issued for male foreigners to work in residences.

Salary: For foreigners to be employed in household services, the salary to be paid to the foreigner will be at least the gross minimum wage (TL2.943,00) considering the minimum wage applicable as of the date of application.

Application Form:

The work permit application can be performed by the employer in 2 ways depending on the following conditions:

Application of foreigners holding a residence permit:

In case the foreigner has a residence permit of 6 months or more (excluding student residence related to undergraduate education), the foreign personnel work permit application can be made directly to the Ministry of Labor. The foreigner whose work permit is approved can start to work legally after the social security and address registration are performed.

Abroad (employment visa) Application:

The applications of foreigners not having any residence permit valid for least for 6 months are made to the Turkish Consulates located in their home country. The foreigner whose work permit is confirmed may enter Turkey by having the employment visa processed on his/her passport. The foreigner can start to work legally after the social security and address registration are performed.

Action to be Taken After Work Permit Approval

After the work permit is approved (for abroad application, on the other hand, following entering Turkey with an employment visa), it is a statutory obligation to realize social security and an address registration immediately. 

Please make sure that you pay the foreigners’ insurance premiums regularly and uninterruptedly.

In the applications made to extend the work permit, the extension procedure will not be made if the social security premiums of the foreigner are not deposited fully or deposited at all. In this case, a criminal action may be taken by SSI against the employer for employing uninsured workers.

You will be informed in detail by Miorec about the further details on the actions required for the social security and address registration upon the approval of the Work Permit.


Illegal Foreigners

The illegal foreigners in Turkey should pay their administrative fine and leave the country in order to make a work permit application. For this procedure, it is adequate to apply with a boarding pass and passport to Visa Infringement Department at the airport on the date of exit. Administrative fine may vary depending on the foreigner’s country and foreigner’s illegal stay duration.

Foreign Personnel Procedures whit Philippine Nationality

We also offer solutions for Red Ribbon procedures; a contract showing that foreign personnel with Philippine nationality you will employ in your home is recognized by the Philippines Consulate, protecting both your rights and that of your personnel and recording the business relationship by the Philippines. We develop solutions through the solution partner agencies in the Philippines for your requests of foreign carer whom you will employ in your home  for the purpose of "Child Care", "Elderly Care" and "Patient Care". Our service covers the realization of all legal actions of the personnel with Philippine nationality you will or currently employ together and completion of all sorts of procedures necessary for this personnel’s entry to the country.


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